IT Outsourcing

IT OUTSOURCING is the most up-to-date method of information technology administration, especially in companies whose primary business is not information technology and to which informatics is just a tool for achieving their strategic goals. Nowadays, even more than in the past, large number of organizations encounter the problem of managing their information system appropriately and efficiently. Information system management is associated with high investments, as well as organizational and maintenance problems. The complexity of management, conception and rapid changes in technology cause additional costs that are difficult to predict.

Our company focuses on solutions of these problems and offers services in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive outsourcing
  • Selective outsourcing

Main reasons for using outsourcing services:

  • Focusing on the company’s primary business
  • Eliminating the problem of acquiring qualified IT employees
  • Coverage of the growing cost of development, maintenance and management of the information system
  • Keeping the pace with rapidly developing information technology
  • Optimal assessment of externally provided services
  • Access to technologies and IT services on a professional level
  • Releasing resources for the primary business
  • Service flexibility in the information technology according to the needs of the organization
  • Lowering the costs for the functional field and increasing the advantage in market competition
  • Co-ordination and compatibility assurance of subcontractor-provided solutions